Dance in Your Light

Dance in Your Light

Harmony and Balance

The Road Less Travelled

I have been a diviner all my life, as we all are, learning to travel the road less travelled, following Spirt.   Going in and out, the ups and downs learning how to keep centered, in the name of love we eventually can maintain  our Peaceful Center.  Clear your field and balance your system, as you feel disturbances in your field. "Judge not lest you be judged".  We  are all co-creating on the wheel of life.

Many have followed the voice within, went where they were inspired to go following the heart and using the gifts they have, assisting the planet and humanity to return to Love, changing old energy vortices to the new world energy.  In doing this, there is no sacrifice for what we all are doing is re-igniting the sacred fire within. It is an inside job, an individual journey yet not separate from all that is.

Satisfying our basic need for creativity, for we are all creators, we positioned ourselves and manifested income along the way, and were always provided for. Now patience is of the essence as the collective meld into the resonance of Unity Consciousness. Relationships, that present, allow for choices harmonizing with Unity or not. Above all else as we are true to our Authentic Self, not the fear based illusion, trust and faith, will keep our path balanced as we decide what to do with who we have become in the grand scheme of life unfolding. It is a beautiful world, benevolent and abundant.


When you know, and have remembered who you are and live it, then the well, the reservoir is always full, you spin and weave the In breath and the Out breath of Spirit, in trust, patience, paying attention and faith knowing the seeds planted yield abundant harvest. We are all shifting, no exceptions.

The Spirit has become stronger than the personality, and the personality trusts as we progress through the shift. Keep the dreams alive, as the Universe prioritizes and synchronizes events that manifest as choices, dependent on allowance, and receptivity being in synch with Spirit. Sometimes what we think we want is not necessarily so, to be proven by later being grateful for not getting what we asked for. I think of the farmers as how patient they must be to allow their seeds to germinate and grow, watching, praying and trusting for beneficial weather to  germinate and produce abundant crops. 


And, so it is with those human vessels that have ridden the cosmic waves of change, participating in the shift knowing they are working with the unseen forces, those invisible, yet visible to some. The Key is to live unconditional love for all that is. The spoken word is powerful, as is the written word, be ever vigilant of the vibration we emote.  Be kind wherever you go there you are, past, present or future version of you.  There is no separation we are One.  What we truly believe we become with practice, until Joy becomes, once again our natural state of being.

There but for Grace and Gratitude we go, learning to embody all that is, trusting in faith that all is unfolding, as Divinely Designed. Seeds planted will germinate, knowing in escrow there awaits the fruit of our labour of love for humanity.  We cannot rush the river, there is no beginning, no end. All is well. We collectively, are re-creating a New World.


Base Light Seeks Prime Light

When one has forgotten that their source of love/light is within, then to maintain life they exist on that which  is outside of themselves. When we give others the benefit of the doubt, they benefit and we are left doubting ourselves.  Enabling serves no one, but allows patterns of not being accountable and not taking responsibility to continue, to fester and grow. The body seeks homeostasis.

Clarifying the Law of Attraction, and understanding it is a process of remembering, the greater reality of who we are and why we ventured forth into this time space reality.  Within each human is the same source, how we choose to experience and go forth on the path of the multiple choices presented moment to moment, is an individual choice of free will.  Since the beginnning of Time, and to understand time is a key, we have been in and out of physical bodies, recycling ourselves for the Joy of the experience.  Somewhere along the way we lost the "Joy of the Journey", and through learned habits, as we" In Habit" the earth, we play the same records over and over.  Programs we run, learned with a hierarchy of attached feelings.  Instead of feeling fear as a guide post showing us whether we are in alignment with Source within or not, we feel it as terror, fright panic etc., a distorted version of "an internal alarm" showing us something harmful is  presenting itself as a choice. Fight or Flight! Struggle or Fly Free.  We are always reaching to feel better, and when in the depths of despair we ask; get me out of this, beam me up Scottie, take  me home,  all we are asking is to feel the love. We call upon God to help! So in these moments, we are sending out to the Universe the call for Love, for feel good feelings. We are given even before it is asked. In these moments we are bringing forth a magnified current of what we are asking for, and love is poured forth, like a pebble expanding into all that is.

Everything is temporary, the ups and downs, the dichotomy of choice. How better to know what we choose to experience, than to have experienced the opposite.  Life does not exist without the contrast.  However, we can learn to enjoy the ride and live our Piece of Peace in this earthly existence. Our personal piece of the puzzle is to decide what we choose to do with the gift of life, from where we are and what we have become, dipping in and out of time. No two of us are alike.  We change with the tools of focussed attention and intention.  Plato said it 400 B.C., "before we heal the body we must first heal the mind".  Everything was a thought before it became a form. Change our thinking and we change our reality; ever evolving in the circle of life. 

When we stray from who we really are, to something lesser, the contrast of experience spins us either further into the stuggle, the abyss, or through conscious choice propels us into the wings of inner wisdom,  riding on the current of a feeling better place.  Not jumping from hell to heaven, but spiralling up the emotions as each step gives us relief from the last.  We all know the labels of negative feelings! Here is where we have choices, to go against the current or with the current. Shall we hash over all that which we feel is wrong, or focus on what we really would love to manifest as our own part for balance and harmony. The current of energy that drives us is our Spirit, our own Point of Light, always there for us to move toward.  To go with it we must give up the stuggle of going against it.  To go with that flow one must calm the mind, and consciously focus on a feel good frequency, anything less is going against the grain of our own true self.  Yes, I know, easier said than done!  However, are we not simply searching for an experience to feel good? It is a choice, to be who we truly are.

Photo by Kim Kukko

We have made real that which we have focussed on for so long that is less than who we truly are, that the habit is so deeply ingrained in our thoughts that we feel there is no way out.  We all have the ability to change our minds.  We do it all the time.  With conscious focus, we can practice putting our attention to what we choose to experience and take our mind off what we feel we think we lack that we wish we had.  We begin by being grateful for where we are; climbing the mountain only to begin again, as we ever expand the experience of the gift of life.  Find the feel good feelings, find the words to use that match the feelings, and watch them become stonger and easier with deliberate choice; focussed atttention. What form is being presented that challenges us?  Know who you are! Mother Nature nourishes the Soul.  Find the sweetness and the Joy, and live it in the face of adversity.

The only question to ask the Self is, Am I diminishing my Point of  Light or making it Brighter.   Base Light seeks Prime Light, and when we know we are Prime Light, Creative Source, and no one does anything to us, we now have the responsibility through THE LAW OF ATTRACTION to discern what choices to make. We shift out of Blame and into Cause, I know who I AM, and I know who you are, some have just forgotten and All are in the process of remembering and clearing old energy in the DNA.  You are not what you appear to be! Things are not what they seem to be. You are the Light. In the grand scheme of things, "the Universe is unfolding as it should". Who are any one of us to judge?  Become the observer and stand fast in our own Light as history rewrites itself, through that which is called Ascension which is but the Human Consciousness remembering their Creative Source, and that we are here to Return to Source and live it here now.  "There but for Grace (of God) go I".  A very good thing for the mind to say.  For each of us is the Universal Life Force Energy, FUEL, and we feed with our frequency, that which we emote to humanity.  Thought Creates. Yes I observe the less than Love, but I Am not of it, except for when I stray from that knowing.  Be ever vigilant! There is a global meditation on the 20th of June, the Peace Train, and summer solstice on the 21st, both of which will bring in another wave of change.  See you there, or maybe just feel you there.

The Swan, symbol of Grace

Blessings to All

The Central Sun

The Rainbow Portal, Morning Sunrise
Newmarket Ontario
There is only One Light, which is the substance of true being.  Without the Light nothing exists.  The Radiance of the Central Sun ignites in the depth of the human unconscious the Point of Radiant Light from which we once emerged. There is a Universal Law that governs interstellar expeditions. The ability to visit other humanities depends on the ability of humanity to conquer its self-destructive aggressiveness.  This is the game of life experience.  To understand the unfathomable is a useless search.  However to have faith is to understand the simplicity, the formula for living and partaking in creation from a personal point of view, without cluttering the mind with complex material.  Our curious nature demands satisfaction.

However to know that we accomplish nothing but turmoil when we lose our focus and give attention to the millions of bits of information that come to us daily, is proof enough that we have to decide on a personal focus.  With pure intention we begin to ask questions pertinent to our own journey.  We have only just begun.  Our conscious attention to the new vision of peace and harmony will magnetize to the collective group emoting and visualizing the same mission.  The earth is in ascension mode, she is evolving and we assist her.  There is no separation, no beginning and no end.   We come from many sources, of the One Light from which everything is created.

Peace and Prosperity

Messages from Spirit


Food For Thought

I awoke with this on my mind in the mid '90's  Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall! I remember hearing all the words and understanding fully that “no big guy in the sky” comes down to save us.  A warped perception of putting 'God, Spirit' outside ourselves, and not taking responsibility for our own part of creation.  “All the kings horses and All the kings men, could not put Humpty together again.” It was a very clear message that putting ourselves together, disrobing the false images, and returning to the Divine Beauty and Love for all things, was up to each and every one of us. Long after receiving this message, I was given a book written by Marianne Williamson, to find,  that she too had heard the words from “Humpty Dumpty”, the same words penned by her. None of this is new, but a different time space reality. I cannot say which book it was because once I read a book I pass it on.  It was another validation that we are all in this together.  Who cast the first stone?  Who came up with the idea first? There is no beginning and no end! It matters not for we are the Universal Mind.

Fox Lake in the Yukon
What matters is how we put together the puzzle of our own being, what we think and feel and put into action.  What we believe to be true is who we are and what we Express. The past can no longer cast reflections of doubt and fear if we believe we are Eternal, and are All here for the game of existence.  Be kind, do unto others as we would like others to do unto us, what we give out we get back! The law of attraction. As well, base Light seeks Prime Light.  Attractions that cause us to believe and experience who we really are or by into the opposite of anything less.  All this has been said before over and over and over in as many creative ways with words expressed by the many.  There is enough for everyone, and it starts with the Thought of each and every one of us being Enough. We make up the whole. Why hoard?  What we take with us in and out of form is the full expression of the Character we have created. It is how we shape ourselves, with qualities of honesty, kindness and integrity and any positive vibration one can think of and put into action.  The rose is symbolic of the Heart.

The frequency we emote, becomes the songs we sing, the tunes we play with the strings from our Heart and reverberate into infinity and back again to us. Be Happy, it is a state, and something we can choose. Reach out if you need a hand, others are awaiting the balance of giving and receiving. To begin again, moment to moment, in the eternal now of Love in Motion, the Infinite Source expressing itself through the Human Being.

Kooteny River British Columbia
We can only change our own attitudes, and join that which we choose to live and express by walking our talk, consciously or unconsciously.  The orchestra of the duality of mankind in harmony, or the opposite! We walk our talk in all we say and put into action.  The energy behind the words expressed, likes and dislikes. The tune from a piano, guitar  or any instrument,  sends out waves and joins the frequency of like kind.  The Words Voiced become the action of frequency, a vibration that rocks with positive or negative tones. Are we rocking the boat or smoothly sailing?

 Photo by Kim Kukko
Blessings Peace and Prosperity


Human Kindness Overflowing

Story Books in Motion

Photo By Kim Kukko

Consciously create your script. It requires all the players, but we write our own Scripts.  Without the other players there would be no books.  We put our Visions in Motion, and are ever-changing.  Books become sequels which we so look forward to with great anticipation. Give others the opportunity to unwind the past, clearing the way for a brighter future. Allow them to tell their story, chapter by chapter like a good book.  With the gift of being a good listener, the compassion you give can be a healing tool,  just because someone has cared to listen. Life is always a two way street, the giving and receiving of energy. 

Focus on asking questions about the best things that ever happened to them, favourite things to do, what is important to them, the books and movies that have influenced who they are now. When we share our stories with one another, we truly connect and recognize ourselves and our connection to something greater, moving beyond Separation and Opposition. We create harmony, and honour the journey gaining a deeper respect for the human collective family, enjoying the journey without judgement.  For when we assist someone else along life’s path we benefit ourselves.  This is the Golden Rule, in this the Golden Age, and the Golden Years. Spread a little sunshine wherever you go.

The highest source of change is a compassionate heart. Human kindness overflowing from the perspective of the tree in the forest knowing we are all in this together, working the puzzle of life.

"Find Hope in the darkest days
 And Focus, in the Brightest"
Dali Lama

The Red Cardinal speaks of

"Warmth and Vibrancy available to all"

The Forest and The Tree

Nurturing the Self 

 Photo by Kim Kukko
As co-creators of reality we have been weaving in and out of time, experiencing life, as we know it from a personal perspective, and all the while that perspective has created what we think is real.  Our personal power lies in our Viewpoint.  The big picture, is in the quantum field of knowing who we truly are. Living parallel realities. No one is separate from Infinite Source, and as we have been pulled to nurture others, it is time to share that compassion with "the tree in the forest", the personal Self.  It is an incredible journey.  Live in the now and know life is perfectly unfolding according to both the Tree and the Forest, there is no separation, what we put out affects all that is. We each have a story and the story is never ending, always with a sequal and something else to share. As we expand our own personal Light editing our own time lines of past history, we create a newer and higher version of who we choose to be. Freedom of choice, our own personal viewpoints all powerful, create the here and now. 

 Enjoy the ride, the expanding waves of Peace 

Me, Myself and I

Communication With the Wisdom Within

In the Silence, be still and you will hear and know your own wisdom.  

You are your own River of Love co-creating in Cycles of Time.  Infinite Source in motion. Going with the flow of Spirit, your inner guide, allows for smoother sailing.  We all know the struggle of going against the current. We can navigate our course, but cannot rush the river. There are no carbon copies, follow your dreams, with trust and faith in yourself. Reflect and be grateful for how far you have come and the Wonders to Be.

Blessings, Peace and Prosperity
We have completed a cycle and are in New Beginnings